Who we are ?

Kashmir Taxi Tour is your travel partner to explore the exotic Kashmir  because 'true adventures can fuel your soul.’

From hotel bookings to taxi tours and customizing itineraries, we give you an array of travel options - to choose from. What's more, we provide personalized travel packages that suit every budget. 

Most importantly, we let you make memories with your loved ones, the most precious gem. You can relax and have the most enjoyable time when you book a tour with us. 

We also tailor your tours to suit your preferences. Kashmir Taxi Tour is a leading taxi tour operator in Kashmir with expert guides and especially curated packages. 


Why Choose Us? 

Kashmir Tour Packages 

With majestic & pictorial tour packages and exciting destinations, we'll ensure you have the best time of your life - on your Kashmir tour. The packages are specially curated, keeping in mind your travel preferences. We offer the most fascinating tour packages designed to get you closer to the unexplored beauty of the region. 


Customized Itinerary 

We offer affordable packages with a customized itinerary that suits every need. Plus, you can trust us with the best destination choices. Moreover, a customized itinerary is best for exploring untouched regions of Kashmir. Booking a customized package is convenient for a family trip. We guarantee the best prices and the finest deals so you can have the best stay in Kashmir. 


Hassle-free Travel Services 

Kashmir Taxi Tour offers exceptional discounts at uncompromised prices. Conveyance is a concern for tourists who visit Kashmir, but with our taxi tour service, you can enjoy flexibility and hassle-free commute. 

As our drivers are experienced and well aware of the destinations, you will enjoy a smooth drive to all the magical tourist spots of Kashmir. Most importantly, our travel experts will guide you and make your travel more enjoyable. 


24/7 Customer Support 

With our 24/7 customer support, leave all your travel worries to us. Apart from being accessible, we extend our full support to tourists to make their travel endeavors fun. 

Besides, we are one call away if you need any kind of assistance while traveling in Kashmir. We provide immediate assistance to make your tour completely easygoing. On-trip assurance can make your traveling in Kashmir smooth and convenient. 

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