7 Surreal Places to Visit in Kashmir


Beyond the realms of your imagination lies a place so wonderful that you will lose your heart. We are talking about Kashmir - the true beauty of India or Heaven on Earth.

Kashmir offers unimaginable beauty and pictorial views. The enchanting lake views and magical meadows will let you experience postcard views. Plus, the region is known for its awe-inspiring gardens and valleys, which will leave you spellbound.

Kashmir is blessed with surreal places you must explore on your tour. A tour so captivating that it leaves an imprint on your heart forever.

Are you ready to explore the true beauty of Kashmir? Well, here are 7 surreal places to visit in Kashmir, so read on.

1. Gulmarg

'Meadow of flowers' and home to the most popular Ski resort in India - Gulmarg offers a surreal vibe to every tourist who visits the place.

The beauty of vibrant flowers set against - the snow-capped valleys will let you experience a magical feeling. Apart from enjoying snow fun adventure activities, you can also enjoy a Gondola cable ride at Gulmarg.

The 360-degree view of the region from the Gondola ride will mesmerize you, and it looks even more enchanting during the winter season. Gulmarg is known as an adventurous paradise, and it's one place you can't miss out on when you visit Kashmir. Oct to Jan is the best time to explore Gulmarg.

2. Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a true paradise in Kashmir, enchanted with rustic charm and mystical valleys. The region is surrounded by dense forests and pictorial lakes, making it look magical.

Besides the alluring beauty, it offers a different vibe, letting you experience peace. Pahalgam is a true delight for nature lovers who wish to spend quiet time in the tranquility of nature.

In addition, you can visit Betab Valley - where many Bollywood movies - are shot. You can take some great pictures at the place. Also, you can explore the beauty of the place on a pony ride, which is popular in the region. Oct or Dec is an ideal time to visit Pahalgam.

3. Sonamarg

Exploring the raw regions of Kashmir will give you a different insight. Sonamarg is one such raw region, nestled in the laps of green meadows and pristine streams.

The place is known as the Meadow of Gold - truly describing the beauty it offers. Apart from breathtaking scenic scapes, you can enjoy adventures at the place.

Plus, it's famous for its exceptional trekking routes you can enjoy with your friends. Sonamarg offers the true beauty of nature, and you will enjoy every moment you spend here. Camping is the main attraction of the region. Ideally, Oct and Jan are the best months to visit Sonamarg.

4. Shalimar Garden

Built-in the 16th century by emperor Jehangir for his wife Noorjanan, the Shalimar Garden - is a symbol of love. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the garden and the mesmerizing views it offers.

Ideally, it's the best spot to take some Instagram-worthy pictures. As it's embellished with polished stones at the boundaries - the views are captivating.

Also, the canal at the center is the focal point, making it look awe-inspiring. Apart from exploring the gardens, you can also watch the different species of birds.

Beyond that, it's the best picnic spot to enjoy with family or friends. Ideally, Oct or Dec is the best time to visit Shalimar Garden.

5. Yusmarg

If you are one of those who like to enjoy nature and its quiet offspring, you should head to Yusmarg. It's a true nature's delight endowed with the beauty of pictorial views and lush green meadows.

In fact, it's one of the best regions to explore the natural surroundings of Kashmir. Just a 4 km trek from the place, you will witness the beauty of Nil Nag Lake, which will captivate you.

Spending time at the lake will let you experience peace. Plus, there are many small regions near Yusmarg you can explore. It's one surreal place you will fall in love with. Oct to Dec is the best time to visit Yusmarg.

6.  Baltal

Baltal will captivate you with its splendid views. Apart from the pictorial views, you will be amazed by its landscape beauty. Ideally, a trekking point for many, but you can also enjoy it with your family or friends - for a picnic.

Also, it's just 14km from Amaranth caves, so it's the base point for devotees to spend a night before they head to the Amaranth yatra to seek blessings.

The beauty of Baltal is unmatched, and you can take some pictorial shots at the place. Located at a short distance from Srinagar, reaching the place is not an issue. May to August is the best time to visit Baltal.

7. Kupwara

A lesser-known small district, Kupwara should be on your list of Kashmir destinations. The place offers magical and surreal views that will leave an imprint on your mind.

Moreover, it is blessed with nature's finest views, pristine lakes, and alpine mountains, making the place the most pictorial in Kashmir.

The region offers an abstract beauty - which is one of a kind. You can spend some amazing time in the valley with your loved ones. Ideally, April to Oct is the best time to visit Kupwara.

To Sum up,

Kashmir is home to many magical and surreal places, and you can't visit all of them on a single trip. But, you need to list them down and explore them whenever possible. The Kashmir tour will offer you complete delight!

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