Tips to Plan a Trip to Kashmir


Kashmir will win your heart with magnificent charm and enchanting beauty. The captivating views of Kashmir are unmatched, which is why it is the best tourist hub in India. 

Most tourists plan a trip to Kashmir during the winter season because of the alluring beauty it offers. Apart from delightful views - the place is peaceful for nature lovers, offers the best vibe to adventure lovers, and offers scenic views to honeymooners. 

If you plan a trip to Kashmir, you must know about some handy tips to get the most out of your trip. Let's dive into the planning part.

 1.    Choose the Best Package 

Visiting Kashmir is a great experience, but only if you choose the best package. If your package does not include significant tourist destinations, you won't be able to explore the place properly. 

Look for all the - travel destinations and itinerary choices when choosing a tour. Most tour and taxi operators provide customized packages to suit budgets and preferences. 

For instance, if you want to spend romantic time with your partner - you can choose a honeymoon package. Similarly, you can choose an adventure package for snow adventure fun in Kashmir. Also, inquiring about the tour package will give you the clarity you need.

 2.    Choose the Best Time 

Perfect weather is like the icing on the cake when visiting Kashmir. You can visit during summer or spring, but to experience the beauty of snow -  winter seasons are the best. 

Ideally, it's also the time when most tourists visit Kashmir. Summer season is the best time to explore the gardens and magical green meadows of Kashmir. 

The winter season is best for having fun in the snow and also an ideal time to indulge in snow-fun adventures. Plus, planning a trip in the best season will allow you to visit some enchanting places in Kashmir. The best time will guarantee complete delight.

 3.    Pack All the Essentials

One thing you can't forget is -  packing all the essentials. Woolens are compulsory, especially during winter. Apart from clothes - you can pack other essentials like skin cream and sunscreen. Pack all the medicines, so you won't have to face inconvenience. It's essential to pack everything that can make your stay comfortable. 

Depending on the hotel you choose - you will get all the toiletries, but you can pack some for emergencies. Make a list of all the essentials and pack them according to the list.

4.    Read About the Destinations 

Though there are travel guides to explain destinations, you must read about the destinations beforehand. It gives you a fair idea about what the place will offer you. 

For instance, if you want to visit a particular place for its history, reading about it will give you an insight into it. Also, reading about destinations will let you know about the culture and traditions of the place. 

For the remaining things, you can ask the locals and gain insight. There are guidebooks available, so you can buy them if you want to know in detail. It is a good idea to read about all the destinations beforehand.

 5.    Visit the Best Tourist Spots 

Who would want to miss all the significant tourist spots on a Kashmir trip? Making a list of all the tourist spots will let you witness Kashmir at its best. 

Apart from the tour package choices, make a list of destinations you want to visit. From a shikara ride in Dal Lake to visiting the green gardens in Srinagar, you can cover all the relevant destinations - on your trip. 

Ideally, visit the best spots and take some amazing pictures to make wonderful memories with your loved ones. Gulmarg, Srinagar, and Pahalgam are some significant places you can't miss on your tour.

 6.    Carry Money 

In this digital era, everyone is dependent on UPIs and online banking. However, it's essential to carry cash along with you. Also, you can carry an ATM card if you require cash in an emergency. 

The only thing you need to be vigilant of is - keeping your money safe. Avoid carrying too much cash if you visit crowded places. Ideally, do not carry too much cash on the trip, and only sufficient cash you can keep safely. It's always good to be a little cautious of your money and essentials.

 7.    Carry All the Relevant Documents 

It's always feasible to carry all the essential documents on your trip. Apart from a photo ID and address proof documents like an Adhaar card, you can carry your license and required permissions if applicable. 

As there is military security in Kashmir - you need these documents to verify your identity. In most cases - you will be asked about the documents, especially in prohibited zones. 

Wrapping up, 

Kashmir is home to the most fascinating places, so ensure you are all geared up to visit those places. The planning part may take time, but once you make a list of what you want to do, you can plan the best trip. 

Plus, there are tour operators and guides that can help you with choosing the best tour package. A trip to Kashmir will leave a lasting imprint on your heart.

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